Sitting on the porch of Liendo Plantation 

I have always loved the written word. As far back as I can remember I've enjoyed books.
My mother, an elementary school teacher, read to my four older siblings and me a lot while we grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After I learned to read on my own, books were part of my daily life. When I walk into a bookstore, I take a deep breath, inhaling that wonderful, unique aroma. Ahhh.
(Sorry techies, but ya just can't do that with a Kindle!)

So it wasn't a big surprise when I discovered how much I enjoyed writing my own stories. I filled pages of notebooks and eventually computer screens with tales of love, heartbreak, drama and humor. Although I write various genres, historical settings
are my favorite.  

My new historcial romance series, THE WOMEN OF ROSE HILL, is set on a large cotton plantation in Texas before and after the Civil War
. Although the South was far more infamous for slavery, Texas had her share of large plantations and cotton kings.
Using firsthand slave accounts from Texas slaves as reference, I've attempted to maintain Texas’ uniqueness while weaving the true stories into a
heart-warming saga that belongs to characters I hope you will fall in love with.

THE PLANTER'S DAUGHTER and THE WIDOW OF ROSE HILL are now available on Amazon.  


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